Recombinant Murine Granzyme B

Description :

Granzyme B is a cysteine protease found in the cytoplasmic granules of cytolytic T lymphocytes (CTL) and natural killer (NK) cells. Granzyme B is required for the induction of target cell lysis, which occurs as part of cell mediated immune responses, and can activate apoptosis in target cells by both caspase dependent and caspase independent mechanisms. Proteolytic cleavage of substrates by Granzyme B takes place primarily after aspartic acid residues. Recombinant murine Granzyme B is a glycosylated 227 amino acid protein, comprising the mature active portion of the murine Granzyme B precursor. The apparent molecular weight is 28.9 kDa by mass spectrometry

Catalog #:

003-mGranzyme B

Source :

High-5 (BTI-Tn-5B1-4) Insect Cells

Formulation :

Lyophilized from 1X PBS

Stability :

The lyophilized Granzyme B is stable for a few weeks at room temperature, but best stored at -200C. Reconstituted Granzyme B should be stored at -200C.

Purity :

Greater than 98% by SDS-PAGE and HPLC analyses. Endotoxin level is less than 0.1 ng per μg (1EU/μg).

Reconstitution :

We recommend a quick spin followed by reconstitution in water to a concentration of 50 ug/ml. This solution can then be stored at 40C for 1 month. It is recommended that further dilutions be made in PBS containing 2mg/ml albumin and stored at -800C.

Biological Activity :

Determined by its ability to cleave a synthetic chromogenic Granzyme B substrate. The expected specific activity, when using the Ac-IEPD-pNA substrate at 250C, is greater than 750 nM/min per μg of enzyme.

PubMed  Link :

Granzyme B


For research Purposes Only - Made using a cell BTI-Tn-5B1-4 under license from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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