MedChem Partners LLC and SBH Sciences have teamed up to offer an integrated solution for drug discovery

(Lexington, MA, and Natick, MA)  August 2, 2022. MedChem Partners LLC and SBH Sciences announced today a scientific collaboration focused on a tighter integration between MedChem Partners’ chemistry capabilities and SBH’s biology and assay technologies. SBH sciences has been a leader in biology for 24 years and provides services in the area of biomarkers, cell-based assays and cell culture, gene therapy, drug discovery, protein production and purification, and in vitro assay development and screening. MedChem Partners has been providing high level chemistry services for 17 years, and has expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, conjugation chemistry, stable label isotope and reference standard preparation, pre-formulation and lipid chemistry, program planning and NewCo formation.

The current collaboration is designed to bring both companies platforms into alignment, allowing for the Integration of chemistry and biology to streamline discovery, screening, and medicinal chemistry. By removing the barriers between chemistry and biology, the current collaboration will allow for the free flow of information in discovery and development programs, accelerating the pace at which these programs can progress. In addition, rather than a “hand off” between chemistry and biology, the current collaboration will allow a smooth transition where institutional knowledge is passed on rather than lost.

"The power in this collaboration is that we both focus on our area of expertise: SBH has a very broad and deep understanding of biology, whereas we have decades of expertise in a variety of chemistries. Together we can leverage the knowledge base of each other to provide a lot of juice to jumpstart discovery and development programs" —Steven Riesinger, CEO, MedChem Partners

About MedChem Partners
MedChem Partners is a medicinal chemistry service provider offering comprehensive medicinal chemistry support to biotechs, pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories engaged in research and drug discovery. The company’s expertise covers all aspects of medicinal chemistry, from strategic planning to hit evaluation and validation to lead optimization and pre-clinical development. MedChem Partners provides both consulting services as well as hands on synthesis and wet chemistry. Located just outside Boston, our modern laboratories are outfitted with all of the equipment necessary to perform organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry including NMR, LC/MS and automated chromatography systems. For more information, visit us at www.MedChemPartners.com.

About SBH Science
SBH Sciences is a bio-incubator and innovative preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on cytokines, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammation drug development. We are offering extensive products and services including 31 recombinant cytokines, 8 Glycosyltransferase enzymes, 33 monoclonal antibodies and the analysis of over 150 Biomarkers using 11-platform. SBH Sciences is the world leader in cell-based assays using over 500 cancer cell lines and performing 330 cell-based assays for cytokines and chemokines, and has provided services to over 250 biotechnology and diagnostics companies across the globe during our 24 years of business. For more information, visit us at www.SBHsciences.com.



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