Automated Western Blot

Automated Western Blot Analysis Services

A major challenge in protein research is obtaining rapid, quantitative, reproducible, high-content information.

Since 2013 SBH Sciences and SBH Diagnostics have offered innovative, automated Simple Western Blot services using the PeggySue, WES and JESS (ProteinSimple) systems. This technology is based on novel protein separation using capillary electrophoresis (CE) and highly accurate immunodetection. Proteins can be separated by size, as in traditional PAGE westerns, or by pI, as in traditional CE or isoelectric focusing.

This service is especially suited to pharmaceutical and biotech companies using traditional western blots in their research, development, and QC labs. Simple Western has applications in vaccine development, kinase inhibitor, cell lysate analysis (from tissue culture or tumors), and the identification and quantitation of tumor-associated proteins in clinical patient samples.

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Peggy Sue Wes Jess
PeggySue Wes Jess

Benefits of the Automated Western Service

  • Quantitative reproducible protein analysis with CVs under 10%
  • High-throughput capability
  • Ability to multiplex and normalize results to standard proteins
  • Efficient and cost-effective

The Simple Western™ Protein Analysis can provide:

  • Protein quantification and characterization
  • Protein Charge Heterogeneity analysis
  • Protein Formulation & Stability Testing
  • Antibody and Antibody Drug-Conjugate Characterization
  • Gel and Blot Documentation
  • Multiplexed Protein Analysis
  • Post-Translational Modification Characterization
  • Evaluation of novel therapeutics against key cancer-associated target proteins in kinase signaling pathways
  • Stratification of patient populations for clinical trials

molecular weight separation

Size/charge-based characterization of proteins has traditionally been performed by either SDS-PAGE/IEF/Western blot or by capillary electrophoresis (CE). Each technique has advantages; western blotting delivers high sensitivity and specificity, while CE offers high resolution and reproducibility. However, a challenge in obtaining optimal results is the need to preconcentrate or stack enough protein sample before separation. Simple Western is a new size-based or charge-based separation platform that combines the advantages of both Western blotting and CE into a single automated workflow. Optimization of stacking conditions results in a significant increase in both sensitivity and resolution.

Learn more about our new Simple Western Applications and capabilities.

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Luminex / Multiplex Services
Custom Development and Testing Services of MultiAnalyte Profiling (MAP)

Luminex and Luminex 200 are registered trademarks of Luminex Corporation

SBH Sciences offers custom cytokine multiplex development and testing services, based on our cytokine expertise and Luminex® xMAP Technology. The xMAP platform allows simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes, including cytokines, chemokines, and biomarkers in cell culture and biological samples. We develop multi-arrays based on commercially available assays as well as new, innovative biological markers. After developing the assay, we evaluate, verify, and optimize the dynamic range, signal linearity and assay specificity, then ensure multiplex compatibility. We also provide sample testing services using the Luminex® 200™ analyzer (Luminex and Luminex 200 are registered trademarks of Luminex Corporation).

Our custom assays can be designed for a range of biomarkers, including cancer markers, cardiac markers, growth factors and transcription factors. Applications include assessment of the mechanism of action of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and small molecule therapeutics across a range of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, inflammation and immunology, oncology, and CNS disorders.

In addition to developing multi-analyte assays, our services include isolation of specific biomarkers from natural sources or their production as recombinant proteins.

Validated Luminex Analytes Available for Immediate Use.

Simple Plex Platform

Simple Plex Platform SBH Sciences was among the first contract research organizations world-wide to offer services using the Simple Plex Platform (Ella).

The Simple Plex platform is a transformative immunoassay technology which integrates an innovatively designed microfluidic cartridge with a state-of-the-art analyzer to deliver highly reliable results. It brings a new level of automation to the traditional ELISA by providing "sample-to-answer" results within one hour, while removing operator-related biases. In addition, because of its unique multi-analyte capability, with none of the drawbacks of traditional multiplex platforms, Simple Plex has broad applicability in both research and clinical markets. SBH Sciences offers both the Luminex and Simple Plex Platforms, to meet a wide range of workflow needs in research and clinical protein applications.

Simple Plex analysis of PD-L1

SBH Sciences now offers accurate and sensitive measurement of PD-L1 using Simple Plex. More than 120 validated analyses can be tested at SBH Sciences using this platform. The full list is available at:  

Validated Simple Plex (ELLA) Analytes Available for Immediate Use.

Biomarker Analysis is Available Under CLIA Guidelines

In conjunction with our strategic partner, SBH Diagnostics, under the auspices of CLIA, we can perform biomarker testing on any materials derived from the human body for diagnostic, treatment, health-assessment or prevention purposes.

CLIA, or Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, is a set of federal regulations administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for laboratory testing of human samples. The objective of the CLIA program is to ensure quality testing through laboratory certification, personnel standards, proficiency programs, and inspections. In total, CLIA covers approximately 244,000 laboratory entities. To read more on CLIA, visit: https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/CLIA/index.html

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