Development and Analysis of Biosimilars and Follow-On Biologics

The patent expiration of over 20 blockbuster biologics in the next 10 years plus a combination of easier / newer FDA regulations will lead to significant opportunities for biosimilars and follow-on biologics. SBH Sciences is in a privileged position to assist companies developing biologicals, including monoclonal antibodies such as anti-TNF-alpha and anti-VEGF and recombinant proteins like Interferon's, Erythropoietin's (EPO) and G-CSF agents.

SBH Sciences has the expertise needed to speed-up and implement accurate and reproducible bioassays that will be the essential component of the final product release. In addition, we can assist in lead drug development, including cell-culture, protein purification, ELISA-Based assay, analytical HPLC, formulation and stability studies, as well as drug delivery studies. For more information please visit our Production of Biologics page.

Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs, and ways in which SBH Sciences might be able to work with you. We will be happy to assist you.

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