Antibody Development

In partnership with SBH Sciences, Caerus is providing antibody production services using our proprietary antibody discovery platform, the virtual lymph node (VLN). The VLN is an implantable medical device that radically improves the production of antibodies in response to minute concentrations of antigens through a depot effect and immune cell recruitment. This heightened sensitivity increases antibody titers and affords the capacity to perform subtractive immunization through high-zone tolerance, yielding highly specific antibodies. Using this platform, Caerus specializes in the generation of antibodies to challenging targets, cryptic epitopes, and novel immunogens, including oligonucleotides and peptides.

Based on the antigen information provided, Caerus personnel will design an immunization strategy designed to maximize the probability of success (Figure 1). Antigens with low immunogenicity, like peptides, and high sequence identity to murine proteins require more rigorous efforts to generate meaningful titers. Whereas conventional immunization strategies are employed for protein immunogens with low sequence identity to mouse proteins.

Deliverables minimally include an antigen-specific antibody-producing hybridoma acclimated to culture media with a defined isotype. Upon request, additional deliverables may include antibody VH and VL sequences, purified antibody, and IHC services.



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