SBH Diagnostics

SBHDlogoA CLIA certified, Biomarker CRO.

SBH Diagnostics is an innovative CLIA certified Contract Research Organization, dedicated to providing accurate and reproducible Biomarker analysis services.

We are working closely with our customers to bring projects to completion. We investigate the needs and present the best solutions. In conjunction with our strategic partner, SBH Sciences, we are offering 11 platforms for biomarker analysis. Our collaborative attitude enables the development of the best-customized biomarker services.

After identifying the appropriate biomarker, we will choose the best analytical pathway, develop, qualify and validate the specific assay.

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CLIA Certification and Cytokine Analysis

Cytokine measurement can support many therapeutics discovery programs including cardiovascular, inflammation, immunology, oncology, metabolic syndrome and CNS disorders. The cytokine analysis can be used as an indicator of drug's efficacy (e.g., monoclonal antibodies project), but also as a companion diagnostic to support clinical studies.

We are pleased to offer ELISA and Multiplex analysis of many cytokines including: BMPs, EGF, FGF, G-CSF, GM-CSF, IFN-gamma, IGF, IGF-BPs, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12, IL-17, IP-10, Leptin, MCP-1, M-CSF, MIG, MIP-1a, beta-NGF, PDGF, SCF, TNF-alpha, TPO, TRAIL and VEGF.

We are providing custom service that will meet your specific needs. We can test many other cytokines and biomarkers. We work with biological matrices from humans or animals, as well as both small and large therapeutic molecules.


Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs, and ways in which SBH Diagnostics might be able to work with you. We will be happy to assist you.