Drug Discovery Services - CRO

SBH Sciences is an innovative Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to providing the scientific community with unique discovery services and high-quality research products such as cytokines, enzymes and monoclonal antibodies.


Accelerate your drug discovery & development with us.
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Cell & Gene Therapy

Our cell culture capabilities and instrumentation platforms enable the efficient development of cell-therapy processes.

Cell Culture Services

We have established ourselves as a premier supplier of high quality proteins made by cell culture for the biomedical industry.

Protein Services

Custom proteins can be made from gene cloning to final active proteins in the vial.


Bioanalytical Discovery

We are offering ELISA, Automatic Western Analysis, Luminex, Simple Plex, SMCxPRo, Isolignt, qRT-PCR and FACS Analysis Services.

Cell-Based Assay

We excel in the development and validation of cell-based assays for cytokines and chemokines and are proud to offer 330 bioassays.

Immunogenicity Assessment

We have the expertise to develop and validate ADA assays to study the immunogenicity of your novel compounds.

Molecular Biology

Our expertise in molecular biology will support your project development, reduce cost and shorten time lines.


Exosome Services

We excel in cell culture, Exosome isolation and purification as well as Bioanalytical capabilities.