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Luminex and Luminex 200 are registered trademarks of Luminex Corporation MULTIPLEX
Custom Development and Testing Services of MultiAnalyte Profiling (MAP)

SBH Sciences is offering Multiplex Cytokines Custom Development and Testing Services based on our Cytokine expertise and the Luminex® xMAP Technology. The xMAP platform technology allows simultaneous quantification of MultiAnalyte Profiling including cytokines / chemokines / biomarkers in cell culture and biological samples. We are offering tailor-made assay development of Multi Arrays usually based on already available commercial assays as well as additional of new innovative biological markers. We will develop the assay and will evaluate, verify and optimize the dynamic range, signal linearity, assay specificity and will ensure Multiplex compatibility. We are also providing Customer Sample Testing Services.

Our custom assays can be tailor-made for many applications including: Cancer Markers, Cardiac Markers, Growth Factors and Transcription Factors. It might assist to assess the mechanism of action for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, small molecule therapeutics across a range of disease states including cardiovascular, inflammation, immunology, oncology, and CNS disorders.

Our expertise in the production and purification will be applied as well. For example, SBH Sciences can assist you in the isolation of specific biomarker from natural sources or produce it as a recombinant protein while simultaneously, we will also develop your specific MultiAnalyte Method.

We are using the Luminex® 200™ analyzer (Luminex and Luminex 200 are registered trademarks of Luminex Corporation). We also can perform Cell-Based assays for you samples using over 400 different cell lines. Please see our unique Cytokine Bioassay Services.

Validated Luminex Analytes Available for Immediate Use.

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