SBH Sciences is offering In-Vitro models for Inflammation and Fibrosis [NASH]


SBH Sciences is offering several In-Vitro inflammation models. The first model is based on utilization of human PBMC and the secretion of human TNF-alpha as a result of LPS stimulation.



Innovative Models
Liver (LX-2) / Lung (Beas-2B) / Heart models (induced pluripotent stem cells - iPSC)
- Macrophages activation M1 & M2
- Functional assays (receptors-ligands interaction)
- Inflammatory Cytokines and Fibrosis Biomarkers
- Cytotoxicity – apoptosis

Biomarkers Platforms
- ELISA / Receptor Binding Assay for biomarkers and metabolites
- Luminex / MSD / ELLA – multi-array biomarkers
- PeggySue, WES and Jess
- Flow cytometer [FACS]
- Isolight

Markers (partial list)
TNF-a, MCP-1, IL-1b, TGF-beta, iNOS, Pro-Collagen, Galectin-3, TLRs, Integrins

mRNA Analysis of Pro-Fibrotic Chemokines / Cytokines / Collagen for up and down-regulation in Fibrosis Model


Effect of GR-MD-02 on cell culture model of macrophages: THP-1 cells treated with phorbol ester and endotoxin


Expression of MCP-1 is reduced in dose dependent fashion in two separate GMP lots of GR-MD-02 while viability of THP-1 cells is maintained (compared to N-lactosamine—LacNac)

Note: We have shown that Galectin-3 is expressed in THP-1 cells. There is also a reduction in TNF-alpha and IL-8 with treatment.


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