Veterinary / in Vivo Biomarker Services


SBH Sciences offers a wide range of Biomarker evaluations for Veterinary / in Vivo studies. We deliver precise and reliable services for both preclinical studies, and ultimately for clinical end points and studies.

SBH Sciences provides full Biomarker Testing including:

* Luminex Capability
* WES/ PEGGY Western Blot Capability
* Development of custom ELISA kits
* Custom production of Protiens

SBH Sciences provides Biomarker evaluations for: Rodent (mouse/ rat), Canine, Porcine and Equine Veterinary and in Vivo studies.

See our Detailed in Vivo Biomarker Services for:
* Mouse Biomarker Testing
* Rat Biomarker Testing
* Canine Biomarker Testing
* Pig Biomarker Testing
* Equine Biomarker Testing

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